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Žoliapjovė-robotas DEVVIS H750T DEVVIS H750T
Žoliapjovė-robotas DEVVIS H750T DEVVIS H750T
Žoliapjovė-robotas DEVVIS H750T DEVVIS H750T
Žoliapjovė-robotas DEVVIS H750T DEVVIS H750T
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DEVVIS H750T robotic lawnmower


DEVVIS H750T is a lawn mower - a robot with a gyroscopic compass (navigation system), with the help of which the device is able to change direction quite easily when driving on a plain, but it is more complicated, of course, when driving on slopes. The essential convenience of using this device is also provided by the fact that it is possible to increase the efficiency of grass cutting in different areas with lower or higher lawns. In other words, the robot can easily adapt to the environment and distinguish the lawn structure, well, after setting certain parameters, such as the desired height of the lawn (2.5-5.5cm) with the help of 75W cutting power and a maximum speed of 3200 rpm, it can overcome up to 20 degree slope.

The technical side

Cutting power and efficiency

The DEVVIS H750T lawnmower - robot is a very modern and extremely convenient device, because having an interface with a wireless network and the possibility of control through applications such as "iOS" and "Android" improves the efficiency of household work and facilitates maintenance work. The DEVVIS H750T robot with 3 cutting knives is also able to cover a cutting width of 18 cm and develop a speed of 35 m/min. Another big advantage is that it has a built-in password setting system in case the device is stolen, for example. Meanwhile, thanks to such integrated sensors as obstacles, emergency stop, tile (pavement) detection and lifting the lawnmower, the robot is able to adapt and orient itself to the environment even faster.

Battery and other robot technologies

With an auto-rechargeable 4.4Ah lithium battery that takes less than 3 hours to charge, the DEVVIS H750T robotic lawnmower can work continuously for 2 hours. Meanwhile, when you receive the lawnmower, you will also receive a charging section, a virtual wire, 200pcs pins, 15pcs blades, 10pcs wire connectors, a waterproof charger, 4pcs stakes, a cutting height adjustment wrench and an instruction manual.

Functionality and control

The lawnmower is quite easy to use, as the territorial unit setting system in it allows you to pre-select the areas you want to mow. Meanwhile, the DEVVIS H750T's one-touch battery button makes it easy to remove the battery, saving all its previous settings without having to update when you put it back in, and thanks to the four range options, you can choose the distance and extent of virtual wire limitation according to different lawn conditions and types. .

Design and practicality

Robot design

It is worth noting that the DEVVIS H750T robotic lawnmower has an absolutely moisture-proof design, and the inner cover under the top cover protects the internal parts from moisture, which increases the durability of the device at least several times. Meanwhile, the ability to choose between such cutting modes as perimeter wire cutting, spiral cutting and straight cutting and the possible schedule (from Monday to Sunday once a day) cutting enables the device to work even more functionally.

Use and care

So, in the DEVVIS H750T lawnmower, the robot is quite easy to use: after touching the sensor/button, it picks up and turns on; touching the handle - the device stops working; when cutting the grass in any direction above an angle of 30 degrees, it automatically stops working in 2 seconds; meanwhile, the robot will activate and the impact sensor will activate when it hits a stationary obstacle larger than 6 cm. An additional "luxury" is that the robot has a red emergency button on the top, which warns of, for example, an overload of the engine, well, and the main mowing modes - straight and circular - lead to a fairly high lawn mowing efficiency

You can easily control and program the lawnmower "Devvis H750T" using your smartphone. This model has various sensors (elevation, rain, slope, shocks), as well as gyroscopic navigation, which will allow the robot to maneuver on slopes more easily. With a fully charged battery, the lawnmower can cut about 400m2 of lawn.

• Can be controlled with Wifi app
• Has gyroscopic navigation
• Cutting area with one load - about 400m2
• Cutting slope angle 20°
• Battery operating time - about 2h
• 2 movement modes (straight or spiral)
• Blade rotation speed – 3200 rpm
• Lawnmower speed – 35 m/min
• Cutting diameter – 18cm
• Cutting height – 2.5-5.5cm
• Battery capacity – 4.4Ah
• Battery charging time - about 3 hours
• Waterproof (IP54)
• Automatic charging
• Impact sensor
• Rain sensor (when it starts to rain, the robot returns to the station)
• Slope sensor
• Password setting for anti-theft protection
• 2-year warranty

The set includes a 200m long territory fencing cable (the lawnmower runs along the cable, it works as a virtual fence), 200 pcs. fixing stakes for fixing the cable, 15 pieces of blades.

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