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Electric scooter INMOTION L9 - since 2021, the updated S1 version is also known as LeMotion S1F.

Easy to fold - it takes just 3 seconds.

Extremely convenient control - an integrated screen where you can see all parameters - speed, remaining battery and you can control - lights, speed gear and more.

The scooter is armed with a 500W (1000W max) power motor, as well as a 12.5Ah 675Wh 54V battery, so it is powerful - it reaches a speed of up to 40 km/h. And it covers up to 95 km on a single charge.

A double brake system will provide safety for trips. The INMOTION S1 has a mechanical disc brake at the rear and a drum brake at the front.

Although the scooter is light - it weighs only 24 kg., it is extremely passable. Dual shock absorbers both front and rear, assisted by tubeless 10"x2.5"-6.5 (60/70-6.5) tires. So you will travel comfortably on various surfaces - both in the city and outside of it. Also, you will overcome slopes of up to 30 degrees.

The scooter has 2 charging sockets, so if you buy a second charger, you will charge the scooter twice as fast.

Visibility on the road will be provided by - double 1.25W front light, stop light and reflectors at the back and LED lights on the sides of the scooter body.

Electric scooter S1 from INMOTION, like many of their products, is characterized by high resistance against water and dust - class IP55. The battery is rated IPX7.

The scooter is very durable - it can withstand a weight of up to 150 kg.

Model: L9
Color black
Net weight: ~ 24kg
Payload: 140.0 kg / 308 lbs
Maximum speed: Default: 30 km/h
Typical range: ~ 95km
Maximum slope: 30%
Operating temperature: -10-40℃
Storage temperature: -20-45℃
Body IP rating: IP55
Battery IP rating: IPX7
Controller IP rating: IPX6

Double damping suspension 95KM range

Easy to fold in three seconds

Easily fold in two steps.

Effective rear disc brake

Will protect you while flashing, avoid accidents.

Climbing mountains will become easy

A strong engine in the front can generate massive power for climbing hills.

The extra large deck of the L9 electric scooter will give you the ultimate riding experience. Enough space to put both feet.

Front wheel power system

The front wheel drive is closer to the controller. Reacting to generate energy.

One simple charge for a whole week

Equipped with a 675 Wh high-capacity lithium-ion battery with multiple protection mechanisms, you will no longer be afraid of charging and battery safety.

Automatic turn signals; brighter headlight combination

Be more visible at night and safer. The ultra-compact and efficient dual-suspension design can absorb shocks even in difficult terrain.

Dash Charge; double shock absorber suspension

Save a few more hours to explore the world. With dual charging ports, you can quickly and fully charge in 3.6 hours.

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Customer Reviews

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Mikhail Koipish
replacement details

Hello! I bought an Inmotion L9 two months ago. Now I noticed a backlash (or gap) in how the mast is mounted to the front suspension. Turns out, "clamp" (and, maybe, "bearings") is crushed (what I see through the gap), and due to that "gland screw" is not strongly handled, and screw-thread is kind of broken too.
I don't want to fully demount everything, because after that I'm sure I won't be able to mount without new repair parts.
Can I order replacement details, exactly clamp and bearings with the screw,
then I hope I will be able to demount, replace broken bearings, and remount again.

My scooter's serial number is A0321630C006623D.

I contacted Inmotion and they said it's possible to order "gland screw and L9 bowl set group (clamp and bearings are included)" through the seller, and I'm approaching you with this.

Thanks in advance,

Juozas Timinskas


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