The warranty period begins to count from the handover of the items, unless the contract provides otherwise, as provided for by legal acts.

If a warranty card was not included in the package, it means that the manufacturer does not issue one, and in this case, the basis of the warranty is the purchase receipt or invoice. These documents are treated as the basis for warranty repair.

Please note that Article 6.335, Part 3 of the Civil Code stipulates that if the buyer cannot use the items for which the quality guarantee period is established due to obstacles that depend on the seller, then the guarantee period is not calculated until the seller removes those obstacles, and Article 4 of this article section, the warranty period is extended for such time that the buyer could not use the item due to defects, if the buyer properly notified the seller about the observed defects.

All electric scooters, electric bicycles, scooters, skateboards and other products sold come with a 24-month warranty and a 6-month battery warranty.

1. Product photos are for illustration purposes only, original products may differ from those shown. The specified photos cannot be used as a basis for claims. The product is considered high-quality if it corresponds to the example, model or description provided in the online store. The Seller is not responsible for the content of the Goods, such as editing, translation errors or quality of the books, for which the responsibility lies exclusively with the publisher/manufacturer of the Goods.
2. Potentially defective Goods are first submitted to the Seller's warranty service, only after determining that the Goods are of poor quality, the Buyer's request for the defective Goods can be processed.
3. The goods are sent to warranty service centers, which may be located in another EU country. In this case, the product warranty service process lasts from 14 to 70 (fourteen to seventy) calendar days, depending on the nature of the product. We emphasize that in all cases we aim to complete the warranty process in the shortest possible time.
4. Devices submitted for warranty service cannot contain the Buyer's personal data or SIM cards. The seller is not responsible and does not cover the costs for the information contained in the devices submitted for warranty service, the restoration or restoration of such information.
5. The warranty obligations of the product manufacturer are valid only if the conditions of use of the product are not violated. Before using the Product, the Buyer must carefully read the product's operating instructions, if any.
6. Goods not collected from the warranty service center and/or from the Seller and handed over for warranty service are stored for 3 (three) months. This term starts counting from the first notification to the Buyer through the contacts specified by him (by phone, e-mail address, etc.) that the Buyer can collect the returned product from the warranty service center. If the Buyer does not collect the goods within the stipulated period, the seller has the right to keep the goods, the Goods can be disposed of. In this case, the Seller is not responsible for the Buyer's information remaining in the unclaimed goods and other losses suffered by the Buyer due to such destruction of the goods.
7. The quality guarantee provided by the seller does not limit or constrain the rights of the buyer (consumer), which are established by legal acts after the purchase of a product or service of inadequate quality. Disputes regarding the quality of goods, returns and other conditions of purchase and sale are resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the purchase and sale rules and based on national legislation.
8. We will be happy to answer all your questions by e-mail info and by phone 8 6377 6086.
9. You can submit requests or complaints about a product or service purchased in our online store on the electronic consumer dispute resolution platform -
Defective or incomplete goods
10. A buyer who wants to file a complaint about a defective or incomplete product can do so in the goods return section of the "iVER.LT" store or by e-mail at .
11. When submitting a complaint, the buyer must provide the following information:
12. Product order number;
13. Present/name the defects, signs of failure or missing part of the Product;
14. Provide other evidence (for example, a photo of the Product, a photo of the defective area (if it is a mechanical damage and it is possible to take a photo), a photo of the Product packaging, etc.
15. When submitting a complaint, the buyer must specify how he wishes the claim to be resolved:
16. The defective item is requested to be replaced with a quality item;
17. An incomplete product is requested to be supplemented with missing components;
18. Apply a discount to the Product, that is, reduce the price of the Product accordingly;
19. Please return the money paid.
20. After examining the claim, the answer is given within 14 (fourteen) days. In the case of a refund, the Seller refunds the money for the Product and its delivery costs to the Buyer. If only a part of the Goods is returned, the delivery costs are refunded only if the remaining Goods of the same order, when purchased only, would be charged a lower rate than the rate applied when purchasing the Goods together with the returned Goods and only in a volume equal to the difference in the aforementioned rates. The cost of returning the product must be borne by the Buyer.
Warranty rules for robot pumps -

  1. Your purchased robot pump is guaranteed from the date of purchase:
  • 24-month warranty period;
  • for the battery and wearing parts: (wheels, brush mechanisms) - 12-month warranty period;
  • the warranty does not apply to robot filters, brushes, and other replaceable parts that wear out during the operation of the device and must be replaced.
  1. The warranty is not valid if:
  • the technical operating conditions were not observed (the robot was not cleaned for a long time, filters were not changed, non-original spare parts were used, exposure to fire was detected, moisture, foreign objects entered the robot);
  • the failure is due to the buyer's fault;
  • the product is damaged due to natural elements or mechanical impact;
  • malfunctions that occurred were repaired by an unauthorized service employee/person;
  • the device was deliberately damaged, dismantled;
  • the floor cleaning robot was not used indoors or in unsuitable conditions;
  • the serial number of the robot is damaged or erased;
  • the robot was not transported in its original packaging.


  •  The warranty does not apply if the product is damaged due to carelessness (unexpected impact), negligence, use and maintenance other than specified by the supplier or normal practice.
  •  The warranty does not cover damage caused by third parties or damage caused by willful misconduct.
  •  The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear of the product, as well as to products that have been replaced without following the manufacturer's instructions.
  •  The warranty does not apply to defects caused by improper installation, use or maintenance, as well as to repairs performed by you or third parties who are not authorized "iVER.LT" craftsmen.
  •  The "iVER.LT" warranty applies only to original parts.
  •  Losses caused by fire, lightning, storms, vandalism or unsafe transportation are not covered.
  • Parts that wear due to the use of the product are not covered by the warranty, such as: the part of the rim that comes into contact with the brake pads, paint, brake pads, seat, tires, inner tubes, handlebar grips, handlebar tabs, seat post, moving parts bearings and gaskets , stars, star blocks, brake and gear cables. The warranty is also not provided if the product has been improperly modified.

If the product is returned to "iVER.LT" without a valid reason or due to a defect caused by the above-mentioned circumstances, we reserve the right to reject the customer's request and return the product to the customer, with the latter paying the return costs.