What is iVER.LT?

MISSION - we work to share knowledge, experience and experiences with our customers to make life easier, reduce worries and ensure the maximum selection of goods and guarantee fairly low prices.

  • Fairly low prices
  • Expert advice
  • Convenient and Reliable

VISION - we aim to become a well-organized trading company with the widest range, which customers value for wise advice, friendliness and honestly low prices.

  • The widest assortment in Lithuania
  • Customers are more important than money

What do we value and what do we follow?

DIRECTIONAL STRIKE. We aim to take a non-superficial, continuous and purposeful interest in what we do, so that we can provide the client with useful information and not only answer his questions, but also provide understandable advice and help him make the best decision.

THOUGHTFUL INNOVATION. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to perform tasks more efficiently, to use the latest technologies and management methods, we strive for this in order to be able to make timely decisions that ensure fairly low prices for our customers.

ATTENTIVE COMMUNICATION. We are open, friendly, well-versed in the field of activity, so we strive to confidently and openly share our knowledge and insights to help our customers make the best decisions when purchasing various goods and services.

Why should you choose iVER.LT?

  • Fairly low prices
  • Helpful insights and advice
  • Pleasant communication during service
  • Always free shipping
  • Caring, knowledgeable consultants
  • Reliability and competence

Why is iVER.LT cheaper?

1. We don't need a lot of staff.
2. We focus on online stores and don't need to pay high rents.
3. We don't invest in huge, rapidly depreciating exposures.
4. Low costs and direct contracts allow us to sell at low prices.

  • We have more than just "Live" immediate counseling. We consult through all channels. We try to advise on time, react with lightning speed.
  • Your funds are protected, and your data is encrypted and safe .
  • There is a service on site.
  • We check the goods before giving them to the customer.
  • It is easy to return defective or unsatisfied goods.