Electric smart scooters for adults and children are sold at the cheapest prices in Lithuania in the online store, iVER.LT. With these vehicles, you can get to your destination faster and more fun, and they often become an environmentally friendly and interesting alternative to cars. Such an electric scooter will help you avoid traffic jams, and you will feel better after spending more time in the fresh air. Many such models can travel tens of kilometers on a single charge - such a vehicle will become your daily companion. Stylish design, solid constructions and a wide assortment - these are just some of the advantages that you will have the opportunity to get to know. We often run promotions and sales where electric scooters are sold at significantly lower prices - if you spot one, don't miss out on the big savings!

Electric scooters (26)

iScooter Electric scooter with LED


Ninebot Max G30 Electric Scooter 65Km




AOVO M365 Pro Electric Scooter


NAVEE N65 65KM Electric Scooter


KUGOO G-Booster Electric scooter


BOGIST C1 PRO Electric Scooter


BEZIOR S2 65KM/H Electric Scooter


iScooter i9 PRO Electric Scooter


KugooKirin G2 PRO Electric Scooter


iScooter E9D Electric Scooter


D8 Pro Electric Scooter


CMSBIKE V10 Electric Scooter 500W


KugooKirin M4 PRO Electric Scooter


KUGOO KIRIN G3 Electric Scooter