• An electric bike is a great alternative to traffic jams. You can effortlessly go around obstacles or climb hills, go to work, the store, the park or to the village to visit grandma. The power of the electric motor will help you on a longer trip. Electric bicycles are suitable for riding both short and long distances. It does not need gasoline, so it is an environmentally friendly vehicle. The battery resource is not limited to 100 kilometers. Even if your trip is particularly long and the battery runs out, you can be sure that you will always return home pedaling just like you would on a regular bike. This vehicle does not require a license and is extremely popular with seniors. Cheap electric bicycles in the online store iVER.lt

Electric bicycles (88)

EP-2 Pro 750W E-Bike


Samebike LVXD30 Electric Bicycle


KAISDA K6 Electric Bicycle 350W


Y-ONE 350W Electric Bicycle


DYU D3F Electric Bicycle


FAFREES F20 Folding Electric Bike


DYU C6 26" city electric bike 36V 350W


Samebike MY-SM26 Electric Bicycle




Fafrees F100 Electric Bike


FIIDO L3 Electric Bicycle


BEZIOR X500 Pro Electric Bike


ENGWE Engine Pro 750W Electric Bike


AVAKA BZ20 Plus 500W Electric Bicycle


BEZIOR X1500 Electric Bicycle