High-quality, functional robot vacuum cleaners: with a washing function, for animal hair, carpets and other surfaces are offered cheaper at iVER.lt e-mail. in the store. These devices allow you to forget vacuuming work, which is not pleasant for everyone - while you rest comfortably, the new home helper will take care of the floor cleanliness for you. Many of them can also be controlled remotely, so you really don't have to put in any effort yourself. Efficiency, functionality and high quality are only part of what robot vacuum cleaners can offer you. Forget the tedious household chores and browse the range of these devices - now you can do it online, anytime. You will also find special offers with us: during them you can buy a robot vacuum cleaner at an even lower price!

Vacuum cleaners - Robots (29)

Liectroux C30B Washing robot vacuum cleaner


NEATSVOR X520 Robot Pump


ABIR X6 Robot vacuum cleaner


NEATSVOR X600 4000pa Laser robot vacuum cleaner


Proscenic 820P robot vacuum cleaner




ABIR X8 Robot Pump


ILIFE W400 Robot Pump


Neatsvor S600 Vacuum cleaner robot


iLife A80 plus


Proscenic D5S Robot vacuum cleaner


Pump robot ILIFE V3S PRO


Roborock S7 Pro Ultra Robotas Siurblys


ILIFE W150 Dulkių siurblys sausam ir šlapiam valymui


Ultenic U10 Pro Belaidis Dulkių Siurblys